One Minute

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This week one of our volunteer leaders had a genius idea.  She ordered a box of tiny hourglasses that each have about 1-2 minutes worth of sand in them.  We gave them to the students tonight, along with a selection of one minute devotionals.  The goal is to give them a visual stimulus/encouragement to spend a minimum of one minute in God’s Word every day.  It seemed to be a really big hit with the kids tonight – I’ll let you know how it plays out!


Blue Sky

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Walt Disney has always been a hero of mine.  Yeah, the guy did a lot of crazy and stupid things – but at his core he was a dreamer with vision beyond anyone or anything that had come before.  The way that he championed innovation and imagination resonate deeply in me.

Blue Sky is a concept that Disney pioneered to capture the idea that anything is possible, and when dreaming up new initiatives “the sky is the limit”.  To this day, Blue Sky Studio is a dedicated group of Imagineers who develop new concepts and experiences for Disney and routinely unveil innovative special effects and technical magic to blend the digital age with the three-dimensional world.  Simply put, they are innovation rock stars.

So that’s why I’ve titled my first blog post “Blue Sky”.  It’s a return to something I haven’t done in a long, long time – but it’s also a fresh start for sharing ideas, inspiration and random tidbits that may be completely meaningless, or may spur you on to innovations of your own.  I’ll share my ideas, successes and failures from 15 plus years of experience working with middle school students and families.  I’ll also share my crazy hopes and dreams for the world and everything I love in it.  I hope that, in return, those who read this will share their own stories and dreams, and that together we might be encouraged and empowered to do some amazing things.